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Who We Are

KHK TV was established with the aim of making the voice of approximately 140 thousand people who were expelled from public service without being investigated and prosecuted in accordance with the “Decree Law” (KHK), and support the struggle for rights.

KHK TV, is working under the direction of the editor-in-chief of Prof. Dr.Haluk Savaş (volunteer) with a group of volunteer technical staff and editorial board members, all of whom are KHK. Donations are received through PATREON and KREOSUS, the funding system of ideas and works of art, for our publications to reach wider audiences.

Why We

KHK TV has been working since August 2019 to reveal “human and rights” problems, raise social awareness and save it to humanity / society memory.

After the coup attempt of 15 July 2016, the state of emergency, which was declared to be removed even before 3 months, lasted two more times, after the first 3 months, and lasted two years in total. During this period, 36 Decree Laws were issued. These decrees and their enforcement practices have become a mechanism that, at the current stage, ordinary and legitimizes illegal acts and permanently destroys citizens' fundamental rights and freedoms.



KHK TV struggles with conscience, rights, law and justice. It is with all victims, including those whose rights have been seized with the Decree Laws. It is the main aim of destroying the atmosphere of fear and instilling courage.


KHK TV respects the Human Rights Statement, that is, all principles of universal law, and is committed to compliance. It fights within the framework of the objectives described for the universal law principles to dominate life.


KHK TV is an independent social media broadcasting organization that does not have any connection to any group or institution. The screen is open to everyone who has an voice and intermediary in our mission and vision.


KHK TV is your news site. We offer you the latest news from the world and videos from you directly. We keep your social memory.

Contact Us: info@khktv.org