Founded by people dismissed from public servant by decree, KHK TV Youtube Channel has been blocked in Turkey without any court order. The YouTube channel is especially featuring real life stories of decree people.

The YouTube channel, which has about 23 thousand subscribers, trying to be the voice of the decree people and expressing the grievances experienced by the members, faced access barriers without any court decision. The first reactions on the subject came from HDP Kocaeli Deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu. Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission Member HDP Kocaeli Deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu announced that the access barrier was executed without a court decision, saying, “They are banned from accessing the KHK TV Youtube channel. They want that the persecution of the decree to come on the screen, they will not succeed! Try to close our eyes as much as you want, the sun will not plaster with slime!”

KHK TV said, “We call on the whole public to be a voice / support to people who have suffered greatly with KHKs!” They would take the decision to court.

The Editor-in-Chief of the YouTube channel KHK TV is Professor Haluk Savaş who was dismissed by decree. The channel was founded on August 1, 2019 where all of its employees are volunteers. The channel can be accessed from outside of Turkey’s has more than 22 thousand subscribers.

KHK TV YouTube channel has been sharing the stories of decree victims in their broadcasts for 7 months, reporting their activities and turned into a solidarity network. Münir Korkmaz, member of editorial board, said that the channel was arbitrarily blocked by stating that there was no notification or court decision regarding the channel, and that there was no decleration from YouTube yet.

Stating that the channel brought up human rights grievances and human rights issues in the country, Korkmaz said, “We are making news in our provinces with our volunteer correspondents dismissed by decree. We have 23 thousand subscribers. Human rights violations in Turkey is put in broadcasting. The decision to block has no legal basis. We strongly condemn of being blocked in this way. ”