I was suspended in December 2017. My suspension was due to my brother’s use of the  Bylock application. I was dismissed before him. Because I went over the ByLock application. My brother was suspended on November 3, 2016.

We were lucky. On November 4th, a day later, we learned the reason. On November 8, 2016, I presented a comprehensive 26-page report on ByLock, possibly for the first time, to public institutions with my own signature. I shared it with a lot of public institutions. I tried to tell the authorities myself.

But in doing so, we had an argument with a senior bureaucrat in my own institution. He said to me, “You’re trying to refute ByLock evidence.” Whereas I had no intention of trying to disprove it. On the contrary, I intended for it to be done right.

As an internal auditor, my main task was to contribute to the health of the administration processes. After this debate, I was informed that a higher-level bureaucrat stated “Just matter of a decree to dismiss him. What does he think he is?” Unfortunately, there’s a disease in our bureaucracy. Employees don’t usually tell the truth to their superior. They don’t reflect problems as they are.

There was initially a perception of ByLock. Those who did not have good intentions formed this perception.

My efforts to correct this malicious perception were also reflected completely differently. And I was dismissed with Decree #689. When I was dismissed, one of my first posts was this, it was also a sentence I said around me. I said, “It wasn’t the someone else hand that hit me, it was the hand I kissed that hit me.” This process often suffocated people who see the state as “a mother and a father, whose hand should be kissed, no matter what he does.”

I’m trying to go about this the same way I would when in work with the public. What am I trying to do? I’m telling the problems the way they are. I’m trying to stay completely within the law. I’m trying to tell you what’s technically right.

I am trying to do what is scientifically and lawfully correct while also attempting to follow my own conscience.

Trying to lead the process to the right path got me dismissed.

People who were similar to me, their relatives exposed to the same allegations who were known closely to the public, could become ministers. They could become ambassadors. They could even become emergency state commissioners. I’m ashamed to talk about it, in the name of the law, But injustice was not treated equally.

If the duties of these people are less critical than the internal auditor position in the Ministry of National Defence that I have done in the past, I will be the ministry, the embassy, or the member of emergency state commission. I believe I will do these tasks well enough. Justice is the foundation of property, the state. Because I was a soldier before, of course, I couldn’t write everything publicly, I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t post on social media as comfortably as I do today.

For example, my attitude in the Ergenekon and Balyoz operations is known to many in the armed forces. It is especially known to my commanders. I didn’t use the word ETÖ. In the meantime, I was part of the team that worked for the rest of my fellow comrades who were in custody to complete their salary. I was one of those people who tried to support their legal defenses.

Even when the peace academics published their declarations. I was at the Military Academy that day. I said, “We can be discussed as content, we can participate in content, or not. But even if we don’t agree, it’s a freedom of expression. It is also covered by academic freedom. Damage to academic freedom would do much greater harm to our country. We have to avoid that. People should be able to express themselves freely.”

I’ve been trying to take a principled attitude all my career. In administrative inquiries after July 15th, there are also records of what I answered when I was asked about my comrades. I have responded to the presumption of innocence in the law about everyone. I stressed that the presumption of innocence must be taken into account, in every meeting with me. So, my attitude, my manner hasn’t changed. I tried to stay in the law, to act principled.

If I hadn’t been dismissed, of course, I would not be able to bring up these issues on social media or on different platforms. At the beginning of this process, I had three prayers. My first prayer was to not enter anyone’s sin. Secondly, to benefit as many people as possible. Third, under no circumstances to be used in any way.

I think my first two prayers were answered. In order for the third to be accepted, I try to make sure that every activity I do, every sentence I write is in the law.

I was given the blessing of thousands of people in the process. A lot of people, people I’ve never met, who have been victimized, but somehow benefited from my work, sent me gifts. They said they prayed. I’m very happy about it. This is my greatest achievement of the process. I want to give you two examples. You know, I haven’t been given an attorney license yet. Although my case dropped and it has been twenty months since the nonsuit, I have not returned. I’m having trouble getting my attorney license.

However, a person with whom I have never met before, wrote “Attorney Levent Mazılıgüney” on a handmade pen holder. He sent this to me as a gift. It’s a great pleasure for me. And one day, when I get my attorney license, it’s gonna be on my desk.

Another is Habibe Sineklioğlu. She’s an illumination artist. It says “Barek Allah.” In her own words, “I did each brush stroke in prayer.” And that means a lot to me. Wherever my office is, it’s gonna be hanging on my wall.

I’m a graduate of engineering, law and economics. I have 3 different master’s degrees in engineering. Due to this process, I intend to finish my PhD this year. I have over 120 certified training in different fields. I’m a forensic expert, job security expert, emergency and disaster management expert. I have similar expertise. One of the points that upset me most in this process is that instead of activities that can benefit my energy for my country, which can contribute to the economy, as I call it, “Insane throws stones into the well, I’m spending to take them off.” Unfortunately, I can’t describe this process rationally. I can’t legally define it. I generally describe it as a state of insanity. I’m trying to make this madness come to an end. I couldn’t direct my energy to production.

However, my work on ByLock, the public phone, and other technical issues has led me to participate in the prayers of many people. I’m very happy about it. The first one was the study of “purple brain”. My other work is also known.

As we all know, judgments are unfair. Even the jewelry worth of nonsuit and acquittal decisions in this process are being debated by the administration. Even those nonsuit and acquittal can’t get their rights.

If a person without pursuit that hasn’t been acquitted, or even a person without any criminal proceedings over the years can’t get their rights, there will be no trust in justice in society. Social media or media says that regulation will be made within the framework of judicial reform related to nonsuit and acquittal areas. With this arrangement, it says that the rights will be surrendered. If that happens, that would be very disrespectful of the law. First of all, it would be very disrespectful to the judges and prosecutors who are currently on the stand. My colleagues on the bench should oppose this. There is no need to make any arrangements regarding a person without pursuit, acquittal or forensic proceedings. If such an arrangement is made, we will go to the history of the world. We’ll be signing up for a freak read in law books. Anyone without pursuit, acquittal or forensic proceedings must have all their rights. Judgments must become fair. However, discourse about those without pursuit, acquittal or judicial proceedings; or judicial reform of the basic universal principles of law, all written in our constitution and legislation I interpret the presentation as follows: they put people in anticipation, and expectation victims do not take action. Put aside expectations and act.

All decree people should evaluate all platforms they found- on social media, on the streets, while drinking coffee – should explain these issues. We must continue to explain that this was unfair, that it was unlawful. It’s the only way we can break perceptions.

We follow the law under any circumstances. We must follow the law. We’re dealing with a lawful state. We must exercise all our rights as if all the principles of law have been working and remind the law at every stage.

We must keep our attitude; we must obey the procedure. That’s what I’m trying to protect. Because I behaved this way, I had dozens of meetings with many bureaucrats, many politicians, and even many of our fellow judicial prosecutors who are on duty. And assured that many of our bureaucrats, many judges and even politicians, including politicians of the ruling party are disturbed by this process. In one-on-one negotiations, everyone agrees that this process is unlawful.

You know, I’m trying to use social media as actively as I can. I recommend all the decree people to actively use social media. So far, I’ve never had any accounts under a fake name, only under my own name. Everything I wrote, I wrote in my own name. I have a completely transparent life. Because there’s nothing I’m afraid of. Everything I do is protected within the law.

I’m trying to support all NGOs by staying in law. I’m trying to be wherever there’s a pursuit of right. I invite all decree people to participate in the struggle for rights, along with NGOs. Everyone should know that the decree people are the hope of this country. The decree people are our hope for the achievement of social peace and the restoration of peace.

Because people who have felt unlawfulness in their veins and, despite these feelings, have not deviated from lawlessness can only achieve social peace.

About 100 percent of those who are dismissed with decree are university graduates. Approximately 20 percent of them are people who have a master’s degree and PhD. This is the capacity of the country’s grown, equipped, experienced. The country’s economy has no chance of recovery until these people are reproduced. Therefore, for the sake of economic recovery and development of our country, the decree people are the hope of our country.

Not “I was a soldier”, I am a soldier. I didn’t wear the uniform on my body. I put that uniform on my soul. So, I had no right to be afraid. None of us should be afraid. We have no reason to be afraid.

This process has brought us significant gains. Whatever the identity, we need to be with the victim. Whoever does, we must face the tyrant.

On October 5-6, let’s emphasize that we are the hope of the country, and that the country has no choice but to us.

Let’s not forget. The decrees will go, we’ll stay.